Courage and Kindness

We believe that courage and kindness can see one through any of the trials life has to offer.  Each child will be met with an open heart and be mentored to show courage and kindness to everyone they meet.

Character Integrity

We believe that every party or event  is an opportunity to lasting memories with a little one, as well as a chance to make magic a reality! Therefore every performer at Fairy Skye uses every second to make even the smallest interaction an authentic and memorable experience that the young (and young at heart) can hold onto forever.



Princess Party Elsa Ice Queen Langley BC


We regard generosity to be of utmost importance. Whether it be giving generously from one’s heart and spirit to make magic come alive for a child, or giving a piece of the magic in the form of a gift to encourage a child and offer them a reminder of each magical moment. Fairy Skye highly values giving back to the community by volunteering for fundraisers or hospital visits. 


We are passionate about sharing our gifts of magic with children. Magic fills life with wonder and joy, and can uplift the spirit. Our performers are passionate about filling each and every child's life with magic. We are passionate about our craft and about sharing our love of these characters with each and every child we meet.

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