Want to add a little magic to your event or market?  When you invite Fairy Skye to your event, you don't just get a person in a costume. You get a fully immersed experience for your  guests with the character of your choice. We are in full character from the minute we arrive. 

Our characters will dazzle your guests with their authenticity. Guests will have the chance to have a one on one meaningful short conversation with the attending character, followed by a picture and an autograph. At Fairy Skye we believe that this one on one interaction is what makes children at your event feel truly special, which leaves their parents satisfied. We are always prepared to entertain guests with a performance, such as our sing-a-long story times! If your event requires any other special requests or needs, please let us know as we can always customize a package just for you.

Our rates start at $125/hour depending on the needs of the event.

We take on limited volunteer events throughout the year. Please give us ample notice and full details on volunteer events.

Ariel Little Mermaid Princess Party BC Vancouver Surrey

Loving Local Indie Fair in Langley, BC

Supergirl Kara Danvers Superhero Party Vancouver BC

Langley Eats Local in Langley, BC

Merida Brave Princess Party BC Vancouver Surrey

Blackfalds Days in Blackfalds, AB

Nightmare Before Christmas Market in New Westminster.

Sparlke Empowerment Event in Abbotsford

Anna frozen princess party public event langley bc

Great Canadian VW Show in Langley

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