Once Upon a Time…

Just like any good story, our story starts with a “once upon a time”.

Once upon a time a girl had a dream to create unique princess dresses. From that dream, a new one arose to bring magic to the lives of children in central Alberta through parties. Fast forward three years and many plot twists, this girl ended up moving to the big city of Vancouver for her prince and Fairy Skye was born.

So why the name Fairy Skye? When proposed with the move to BC, I started thinking about what fairy tales could happen in the beautiful province that is BC. When I think about British Columbia I think of the towering mountains and the lush forests. My mind instantly flew to think about fairies! As for Skye, that part of the name is a subtle nod to my own heritage. As a descendant of the MacCrimmon’s of MacLeod, my ancestors hailed from the Isle of Skye. Put these two thoughts together and you get the name Fairy Skye.

I am so excited for this new chapter in our story and I can not wait to being spreading magic throughout the Lower Mainland!

Lots of love,

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