Dessert Dilemma- Top Five Birthday Desserts ((And Where to Get Them))

Over the years we have been to hundreds of parties all over Alberta and the Lower Mainland. Desserts are the one factor that every party had, no matter what the theme or age. But gone are the days of only choosing between vanilla or chocolate cake. Today’s parents have a wide range of possibilities when it come to their culinary dessert celebration. Here are some of the most popular desserts we have run across and the pros and cons of each we have seen.

The Birthday Cake

There is a reason why they call it the birthday cake. I can’t remember going to a single party as a child that didn’t have a cake. These desserts are classic for reason. You can get them in a wide range of flavours, however as it is one big cake you are stuck trying to decide what flavour is most popular amongst the widest range of children. From the parties we attend, chocolate seems to range supreme. However, we did run across a rainbow cake that was a HUGE hit. Cake designers, like our personal favourite Dreamagical Pattiserie, can create master pieces to fit any them. Sometimes they can look almost too good to eat!  They do take a bit of time to get ready for excited guests as you do have to slice up these magical creations, but the wait is always worth it.

Cotton Candy 

Cotton Candy has to be one of my favourite desserts. It instantly takes me back to warm sunny days at the fair. But cotton candy is not just for fairs anymore! The brains behind Soul Sugar Cotton Candy Co have been leading the way in this new rebranding of cotton candy. My favourite thing about cotton candy is that is can be given out in lieu of standard goodie bags. We are always fans of saving parents money and time, so combining dessert and goodie bags hits both those items. As an added bonus, Cotton Candy can also be made AT the party! Kristen of Soul Sugar is available to provide live spinning to add some extra excitement! Another huge plus to using Soul Sugar Cotton Candy Co is she can create a ton of different flavoured cotton candy! From Cherry Lemonade to Maple Bacon, she has flavours to tickle everyones tastebuds! However, you will miss the classic “blowing out the candles” tradition. You may still want to get a single cupcake for the birthday child to get their wish.


Cupcakes have really been hitting a stride lately. We are seeing more and more parents choose to go this route.  You still get the classic feel of a cake, but in a form that can quickly be delved out to the masses. Like traditional cake you have a wide variety of flavours and you can generally mix and match several flavours to allow picky eaters their choice of flavour. But be warned: when put in front of a cupcake we have seen many children opt to lick the frosting off and toss aside the bottom half. I feel like there are not as many design choices as cakes, but creative souls like Dreamagical Pattiserie are always up to the challenge of making fondant toppings to match your theme.


We aren’t talking about your normal boring Chips Ahoy variety. Cookies are becoming an art form these days. They seem to have less flavour options then the first two choices, but sugar cookies are a favourite among the masses.  All you need to do is take one look at our partners page and you can see that the creative options behind cookies are limitless. We’ve seen cookies in the shapes of our favourite characters, much like these ones from Dreamagical Pattiserie, or matching objects, like tiara’s and shoes. One of my personal favourites were a mini canvas cookie that had gel frosting that children could get wet and use to paint a black and white cookie! Who doesn’t love to play with their food? But one of the biggest pros to the cookie alternative is they can be used as goodie bags. No more filling bags with odds and ends from the dollar store, just give them some cookies instead! Much like cotton candy, this one is hard to stick a candle in as well though, so you may want a good back up plan for birthday wishes, like perhaps some fairy wishes from a favourite character!

Chocolate Pops

Who doesn’t like chocolate? If your child is like Anna or Elsa, Chocolate Pops are bound to be a hit! These treats can be molded to fit a variety of characters and can be coloured to match themes. We love seeing the creations that chocolate artisans like Shayla’s Sweet Treats can create! They are also very easy to eat and don’t leave kids with messy sticky hands.  You can serve these desserts after eating or save to send home as goodie bags! However, chocolate does only come in a very few variations and flavours. And much like some of the other treats on your list, can not hold candles. But chocolate is still always a kid favourite.




There are so many options to go for when it comes to desserts. These are the main ones we see, but there are many others. Thank you to our amazing partners listed above! Parents will be happy to know that each of these talented vendors do offer 10% off to clients who book their entertainment through Fairy Skye!

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